Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad (VICA) is a London-based campaign group calling for Irish citizens resident abroad to be given the right to vote in Irish elections and referendums.

What we’re campaigning for:

There are two main parts to VICA’s campaign – addressing the Dáil and the presidency.

VICA’s primary goal is campaigning to extend the franchise for Irish general elections to include all Irish-born citizens abroad. We support extending votes for Presidential as a significant way in which Irish citizens abroad can be valued as part of the global Irish diaspora, acknowledging people’s ongoing sense of an Irish culture and identity across generations. Already there seems to be considerable support for this latter move as the Convention on the Constitution voted by 78 per cent in favour of it in 2013.

The Dáil

1.  The right to vote in elections to the Dáil to be granted for all Irish citizens abroad who are first generation emigrants (that is, who were born in Ireland and left).

2.  That this be managed by a system of reserved constituencies in order not to ‘swamp’ the votes of resident citizens. This system, used by France and Italy, assigns dedicated constituencies for emigrants.

3.  The vote to be granted with no time limit after emigration, as is the case in most other countries.

The Presidency

4.  That all citizens abroad (including those of Irish descent who have become citizens) should be able to exercise the right to vote for the President.

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